Pumpkin and Squash

White Rabbit's patented high precision syringe pumps.

Originally designed for microfluidic applications.
Used by customers in a variety of applications.


For 60 mm length syringes. Customer variations have included dual 1 mL up to 60 mL plastic syringes.


Designed for 30 mm length syringes. 

The basics

  • New Zealand milled and anodised from aircraft grade aluminium to provide a precision mechanical foundation
  • USA manufactured high-precision linear rails, linear bearings, and lead screws for precision motion
  • German motor driver electronics and end bearing for precision control
  • Compact design for side-by-side stacking (50 mm spacing) or mounting on a gantry or sliding carriage
Power and data
  • Powered from computer USB port, phone charger, or stand-alone using USB mobile phone battery 
  • Pump has a single USB-C female port. The other end of the cable can differ, e.g. USB-A or USB-C.
  • Multiple pumps can operate from a single computer, or use a powered USB hub
  • Very simple stand-alone operation and programming
  • Patented acceleration-control algorithm for precision ultra-slow through fast control
  • Tightly synchronized computer-pump operation using White Rabbit's PC app
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi Computer control via USB cable using serial port (USB) commands (e.g. Python, PySerial)
Smarts and features
  • Plug-and-play -- instant ON, simple operation, intuitive, no manual required
  • Priming -- fast microfluidic priming using knob with acceleration-control algorithm
  • Compact -- minimal footprint, side-by-side stackable
  • Refillable -- following injection/dispensing of fluid, syringe refilling can often be performed without removing the syringe from the pump
Software app
  • Beautifully designed Windows app
  • Designed for simplicity 
  • Min/Max flow rate limit protection 
  • Control one or many pumps together
  • Tight synchronization between app and pump controls, so both can be used simultaneously
  • User can choose to control pump using app or serial port.
White Rabbit Syringe Pump PC App